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Frequently asked questions  

How much does a music therapy session cost?

An average music therapy session is 50 minutes, this time may vary according to client needs and is £120 per session payable before the session.  For clients and families who are unable to afford these fees, we have limited lower fees slots available and offer discounts to arts therapy/psychotherapy trainees.

What happens in a music therapy assessment? 

In an initial assessment, you will meet with the music therapist for 60 minutes. It is important that this initial session is longer so that you are able to explore what has brought you to consider music therapy sessions. There will be an exploratory conversation about your challenges and as the therapist and client work together, you may want to ask some questions in relation to how your therapist works.

How many sessions do I need?

People engage in therapy for variable lengths of time, ranging from short term focused work to meeting regularly each week, guided by your needs. We are happy to discuss frequency in terms of what feels most helpful for you at this time.


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